Lal Zimman (he/him/his) (FAQ)
[lɑɫ ˈzimn̩]

zimman at ucsb dot edu

Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Affiliated Faculty in Feminist Studies
South Hall 3518
University of California, Santa Barbara
Lal Zimman

This page is a compilation of linguistics-related tattoos. Please send me photos of yours, along with a short blurb about what it means and something about how or why you got it!

Entry #1: Empty vowel chart (Lal Zimman)

An empty vowel chart tattooed on an inner forearm.

This is my first linguistics-related tattoo, which I got in 2014 around the time I finished my first job as a professor (as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Reed College). I wanted to commemorate the experience, and my life living in Portland that year (where everyone has tattoos), and I'd been thinking about a complete vowel chart for a while. I was concerned about it being overly crowded, though, and my partner at the time pointed out something obvious: If I got a blank chart, I could fill it in with a pen however I wanted. Yes! I went forward with the plan and now this bad boy can be whipped out at parties to illustrate vowel shifts. As you can imagine, this makes me a really popular party guest.