Lal Zimman (he/him/his) (FAQ)
[lɑɫ ˈzimn̩]

zimman at ucsb dot edu

Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Affiliated Faculty in Feminist Studies
South Hall 3518
University of California, Santa Barbara
Lal Zimman

As Series Editor for Oxford University Press's Studies in Language, Gender, and Sexuality series, I welcome all inquiries from potential contributors. You may also submit proposals and manuscripts directly to me.

For more information about submitting to the series, series guidelines are available in PDF format. For more about preparing your proposal, see the guidelines on OUP's website.

About the series
Studies in Language, Gender, and Sexuality  offers a broadly interdisciplinary forum for pioneering new scholarship in the field. The mandate of the series is to encourage innovative work on language, gender, and sexuality, which may be achieved through the revisitation of familiar topics from fresh vantage points, through the introduction of new avenues of research, or through new theoretical or methodological frameworks. Volumes may be authored by scholars in such disciplines as anthropology, sociology, literary studies, education, psychology, ethnic studies, and women’s studies, as well as linguistics. In addition, monographs, textbooks, and edited collections that fit the series’ emphasis on innovation will be appropriate for inclusion.

Editorial board
Deborah Cameron (University of Oxford)
Majorie Harness Goodwin (University of California, Los Angeles)
Michelle Lazar (National University of Singapore)
William Leap (American University)
Bonnie McElhinny (University of Toronto)
Tommaso Milani (University of the Witwatersrand)
Norma Mendoza-Denton (University of California, Los Angeles)
Pia Pichler (Goodsmiths University of London)